Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nancy Barrett 2006 by Walt Barrett

My best friend for fifty-six years and a wonderful wife for fifty three of them! She's still looking after me, thank God!
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Modern Sculpture On A Forest Floor by Walt Barrett

The color of this one just caught my eye. The woods are full of wonders! Posted by Picasa

Things That Grow In My Woods by Walt Barrett

I have accumulated a very large collection of the many colorful Fungi that grow in the forests of new England. I get a great deal of enjoyment in looking at them. This one has a little "eye" that kind of winks at you! Posted by Picasa

The latest Addition To Our Family

This is Sage Willow, The latest addition to our extended family. Her Mother is My God Child and a Veteran of the first Gulf war.
She will be one year old in a few weeks. I took 56 photos to get this one. I have been known by my staff to be a little fussy at times. I can't inagine why!
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